1 December Pahela bhari levu Aa from Nahitar Rad thai jase Gas Connection News report

1 December Pahela bhari levu Aa from Nahitar Rad thai jase Gas Connection News report

For those looking at acquiring an LPG cylinder for their homes, the process has been simplified and streamlined. All LPG cylinders are sourced through the 3 government-owned gas companies, namely Bharat Gas (BPCL), HP Gas (HPCL) and Indane Gas (IOC).

These three networks supply LPG to households across the country through their large distributorship networks.

While PLG is a very environment-friendly fuel, it is subject to the vagaries of the fuel price, with the market rate for an LPG cylinder quite high. The LPG suppliers in India subsidize the cylinders for households, providing 12 subsidized cylinders every year. Balance cylinders applied for by the consumer would be charged at the market rate.
Procedure to Book A LPG Gas Cylinder
To receive an LPG cylinder, a consumer would first have to submit an application to any of the three LPG suppliers.
The application process can be completed either offline or online, depending on the customer's convenience.
Those who wish to register for an LPG connection offline can simple visit one of the distributorships in their locality and collect the application form.
The same form is to be filled in and submitted to the same distributorship along with identity and address proof documentation.
This is to ensure that each household receives only one LPG connection and to regulate the number of LPG cylinders in the market.
Once the application has been processed and is accepted, the consumer will receive a notification regarding the same and will receive the first cylinder.

Subsequent cylinders can be booked through IVRS, SMS or online.
Register for a New Gas Connection

With the online LPG registration and booking facilities, now consumers can book a gas cylinder or register for the LPG service without leaving their home.
As a consumer, all you have to do is visit the website of the LPG provider whose service you wish to opt for and follow the instructions to register for a new connection.
Consumers will have to register themselves on the portal and fill in the online form.
The initial payment can also be made online, and the consumer will be notified by email/SMS when the application is accepted.

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