In the country, education, police-railways, health centers, 24 lakhs space vacancy

In the country, education, police-railways, health centers, 24 lakhs space vacancy
Unemployment graphs in Gujarat are rising by rocket speed. There has been a severe shortage of staff in the education and colleges. State Government Schools There is a shortage of over 20,000 staff in high school. There is no 40 percent staff in colleges. After 1998, the situation has not changed after the full-time recruitment is not done. There is a shortage of administrative staff in 33,000 primary schools in the state. Candidates of small and large government advertisements break out. There was a widespread shouting in the past that the police called for a price of 25 to 30 lakhs for PSI. Khale Mahakumbh is boiled in the name of Bala, but for the last 10 years the exercise and painting teachers have not been hired. Recently, more than 8 lakh candidates applied for LRD's 6,189 posts in the well-known police. In 2017, 12 lakh candidates applied for 1900 positions of Talati. In Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, there were more than 48 thousand applications for only 10 seats of Senior Clerk. In 2016, 15 lakh applications were made for police constable and jail sepoys for 17,00 seats. In 2016, there were 15 lakh applications for 9,769 seats in panchayat class-3. There were 10,300 candidates for the 24 seats of Driver in the Gujarat High Court. There were 87,033 candidates for 393 seats, including Clark in the Surat Municipal Council. In cities including Rajkot, Clark had 47,502 candidates for 75 seats. For those who blow the leaders in the state who have fallen unemployed, this figure is exactly the same as putting a flat clump on the cheek. 

Somewhere exploitative boom
When the qualified candidates do not get the job they want, eventually they are forced to do another job. In the state's self-finance schools, teachers are being exploited. Only three to five thousand salary is being paid for the month. Many candidates who have a B.Ed. and M.E. degrees, who have a Bachelor degree in M.E. degree, keep tabs in marginal pay in Std I to VIII. Why would you be finishing up to five thousand rupees a month in crushing inflation? Millions of engineers are hiking in unemployment. Every year more than 25,000 posts of engineering studies have started to empty in Gujarat.

Improved the same qualification
Eligibility is given priority in the job everywhere, but politics is a profession, where no qualification is seen. IPS and IAS also salute the seven book-masters. Leaders never miss their Mama-Phoenix jobs. The general candidate remains in the eligibility of the candidate, and the dumb candidate is tied in the good job with the blessings of the leader, he has to accept the reality too. It is a bitter truth that the country's cruelty is too much. When the election comes, the issue of unemployment is vigorously spoken, but once the election is over, everything becomes surrendered.

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