Finance department According to the resolution of 16/8/2016, according to the decision of the state government, all other allowances other than the allowance allowance will be available according to the salary and rate payable in the pay structure according to the Sixth Pay Commission according to other orders.

50 percent of the money allowance and fifty percent of the money will be paid according to the entire rupee and less than 50 rupees will not be counted.

Officials of the state government and panchayat employees Due to the payment of dearness allowance and the difference amount received from 1/7/2018 will be payable in cash with the salary of February-2015.

State Government pensioners The amount of additional amount of excess payable from 1/7/2015 will be payable in cash as per above.

These orders, which are the state government's provident fund account, are all employees of the state government and non-governmental schools / institutions seeking assistance from the government and the non-teaching staff of secondary schools, secondary schools and higher secondary schools, whose employees get the benefit of salaried pay as per the pay scale of the seven Applicable to employees who have been given.

The benefit of these orders will be available to the primary teachers and panchayat representatives on top or shifted employees or employees on the adequate staff, who are sanctioned as per the seventh salary pay,

Due to the allowance of dearly sanctioned by their employees by the Panchayats and the expenditure incurred due to the dearness allowance due to their teachers as well as subsidiary grants to the non-government secondary schools, their employees will be regulated as prescribed in these orders. The expenditure incurred due to these orders will be considered eligible for the grant that the difference in the allowable wages allowance should not exceed the share of the employees of the state government equivalent.

According to the current policy of the state government, the increase in the dearness allowance, which will be reimbursed according to the pay scale of seven pay salaries, will be available to them. These orders will also apply to the All India Service (AIS) officers.

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