In high school, students are required to write several papers throughout the year, and eventually you will learn how both you and your teacher operate when it comes to papers. By this I mean, if you know your teacher will give you an “A” for a 3 page paper full of quotes, or a teacher who will write you rough draft for you, then you have learned how they “operate”. After you know how your teacher operates, then it’s time to figure out how you operate. Some people write their best papers on the night they are assigned, so that way they have plenty of time to revise them. Then there are those who write half of their paper a week in advance and write the other half a few days prior to the due date. But personally I believe my best papers are the ones I write the night before they are due. And in some cases the moring they are due.

The next time you are in your english class and your teacher tells you have a have a paper due on the novel you’ve just read, don’t sweat it. Most teachers won’t give you any other homework for the next week or so, in order to give you plenty of time to work on your paper, but my advice is ‘don’t use that time to work on your paper’. Relax, and work on the homework you have that’s due the following day. Remember, you have a week to do the paper for a reason. 

For the rest of the week, while your teacher is having a class discusion on the novel, it’s okay to sleep and doze off a little bit. Every day you’ll wake up when the bell rings and realize that you only wrote about 3 lines worth of notes and you won’t think twice about.


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