What is Insurance? 
Insurance is the the tool to protect yourself in the future for your problems and bad sudden situation we are not aware about what will happen next moment so it's necessary to make policies and protect ourselves. If any company does a insurance policy of a man he takes the authority to cover the loss.
If you have insurance on card home or any smartphone if something unfortunately happened or any damage then the company pays it according to the situation and policies done.
Insurance is nothing but anty understanding and relationship between the insurance person and the company. 
The company takes premium from the person and tells all the instructions and help it and can do if anything happens in the future with the person or with any general things.
Generally, there are two types of insurance. 
1) Life Insurance
2) General Insurance
1) Life Insurance:-
In this type of insurance is a Insurance of a life of a person. 
Life Insurance is nothing but when if a person who is the head of the family die suddenly due to some reasons for the sudden death in the family the family goes under problem and the the daily expenditure of the family is given by the company to the children or the wife or mom-dad of the person. Hence, it is important to make life insurance policy.
2) General Insurance:-
In 8th There are several types again like 
Home Insurance
motor insurance,
Crop Insurance,
Health Insurance, 
travel insurance, 
Third party Insurance it comes under the motor insurance itself and 
business liability insurance.
•Home Insurance:- in this type of policy anything happens to the home then the company pays if any disaster like earthquake, floods,current short circuit in the whole home, fire, etc. Danda company based insurance for the damage of the home.
•Motor Insurance:-
If any accident happens and if there is any damage to the vehicle or the parts of the vehicle in the company pays the insurance on the motor and helps us out.
Again under itThird party Insurance comes if anything happens to the motor we can take our Insurance of the vehicle it may be two wheeler as well as four wheeler.
•Health Insurance:-
It is a type of insurance in which if you have some sudden issues with your help the company will help out the expenditure for treatment for example government has also launched the health policy called Ayushman Bharat in which if something happens to a person like cardiac attack or anything the government provides the insurance to the person for the expenditure of the operation.
•Travel Insurance:-
It is a type of policy in which if you have met an accident or any injury during travelling the company can solves it and insurance is broken. It is a type in which from beginning to the end of the travel period the company takes care of it is something happens to you in different companies regulations and rules are different.
•Crop Insurance:-
This type of insurance if there is any loss in the plantation or anything happens like fire catch, any disease to the crops that the company provides the insurance but moreover there is not much awareness about in because you something like this happens they serve with other neighbouring field also and then they provide the insurance.
•Business liability Insurance:-
This type of insurance if anything happens to the company of production loss or any loan problem then the the company deals with all the expenditure of the business.

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