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Can lockdown limit exceed 21 days?

Can lockdown limit exceed 21 days?

Can lockdown limit exceed 21 days? The government is speculating on preparations.

Corona virus, which has spread worldwide, has made its way to India as well.  As of Thursday afternoon, the number of people affected by the epidemic has crossed 650.  In the meantime, the Indian government has declared a 21-day lockdown so that the epidemic will not spread among the communities in India.  On the second day of this lockdown, the Modi government announced a relief package, but the way each plan is prepared for the next three months has strengthened the prospect of whether the crisis in this lockdown is going to be bigger than 21 days.

 Government has opened treasure, 3 months plan ready
 The lockdown has haunted the people imprisoned in the house and the opposition was constantly demanding an economic package.

 Meanwhile, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman came out on Thursday and announced a relief package of Rs 1.70 lakh crore.

 In the meantime, Nirmala Sitharaman made big advertisements like women's account balance, free gas cylinders, financial help to farmers, help in EPF to employees, but the only thing common was that all these items were prepared for 3 months.

 Can lockdown go beyond 21 days?
 When Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country on the issue of the Corona epidemic, he asked the countrymen for two to three weeks.  There was a one-day mass curfew before then, but a 21-day curfew has been imposed on March 24.  That is, until April 14, people will have to be imprisoned in their homes.  The days can be extended to April-May and June.

 Is it only a 21-day lockdown?
 Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address, mentioned it many times that specialists had talked about keeping the social distancing for 21 days to break the chain of corona virus.  So that 21 days lockdown has been imposed in the country.

 But if we look at the statements made by the World Health Organization, it says that it is not necessary that the lockdown only eliminates the risk of corona virus, it is necessary to find and treat the patients who are suffering from it.  It is also necessary to keep all the people in contact with them in quarantine.

 What is the effect of lockdown in other countries of the world?
 Before India, the corona virus has shown its horror in many countries of the world.  China, Spain, Iran, Italy and the United States are still facing the most serious illness.  Before India, these countries also announced a lockdown there, which has seen some impact.

 However, speaking of Italy, there is a fourth stage of the corona virus.  Italy closed all schools on March 4, announcing lockdown in the country on March 9.  But so far there has been a lockdown for more than two weeks.  The risk of corona has not diminished.  There are more than 600 deaths every day in Italy.

 Like Italy, America also imposed a national emergency in its own country and asked people to stay home.  But in the past two weeks, the Corona virus has taken a terrible shape in the United States and now the number of positive cases has reached 67 thousand.  US President Donald Trump also said in his statement that the impact of the Corona virus on the world could be spread by August.

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