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How can I record someone's phone without them knowing?

How can I record someone's phone without them knowing?

Call Recorder voice recorder App, This app is hidden to the subscriber of incoming call records phone conversations. The record is in the background. you can find here best app for call records

1) Spy Call Recorder

The FreePhoneSpy app gives the user the full ability to remotely record all phone calls made to and from the monitored device. With this tracking tool, call recording can be done very easily.
Features of FreePhoneSpy
1)Live call
2)Reading the messages
3)Viewing the multimedia files
Benefits of FreePhoneSpy
- It effectively acts as a parental control tool
- Traces the lost or stolen device
- Works in hidden mode
- Compatible with the various OS like iOS and Android
- 24×7 hours customer support
- Free trial
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2)Hidden Call Recorder

Hidden Call Recorder app is available to record and mail call records automatically on the Play Store, so you don't miss recorded calls.
How Hidden Call Recorder works ?
- This app starts to call recording when installing on a smartphone.
- That means all the calls that come on the phone will be recorded and you will get the details of them.
- The information is received from the number of calls that are coming from and it is incoming or outgoing.
- The call details will be mailed to this email id.
- This recording takes place in MP4 format
- The user will have to write his email id while installing the app.

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