Sunday, 19 April 2020

Lockdown 2 : 20 April open this bussines

Lockdown 2 : 20 April open this bussines

Lockdown 2 : 20 April open this bussines

MyTherapy is more than a medication reminder: Combining a pill tracker, mood tracker and a health journal, e.g. with a weight tracker, this medication reminder app allows you and your doctor to put your treatment’s success into perspective.
Key Features
• Pill reminder app for all medications
• Pill tracker with logbook for skipped and confirmed intakes
• Support for wide range of dosing schemes within medication reminder
• Track your tablets, dose, measurements, activities as a comprehensive health journal
• Family sharing
• Share your printable health journal with your doctor
• Wide range of measurements for all conditions (diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, depression, hypertension, multiple sclerosis) e.g. weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels
Comprehensive meds reminder designed a medicine reminder app that puts all your medication needs in one place: Pill reminders (e.g. for birth control pills), a comprehensive database of OTC and Rx medications, support for any dosage form (tablet, pill, inhalation, …) frequency, and even refill reminders.
On 20 April these services open, flipkart etc.
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And as the app is not only a pill alarm, but also a medication tracker, you just need to check its pill diary to make sure you’ve taken that important dose.

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