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Paruchu ram jayanti Vishe jano

Paruchu ram jayanti Vishe jano

Paruchu ram jayanti Vishe jano
Bhrigushreshtha Bhagwan Parashuram appeared as the son of Jamadagni sage and Renuka on the day of Vaishakh Sud Trij Akshay Tritiya.  He is the incarnation of Vishnu and the destroyer of the Haihavkula.  He decimated the earth twenty-one times.
Parashuram's birthplace is believed to be near Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh.  It is said that Parashuram is immortal.
There is a popular verse,
Ashvasthama balirvyaso hanumanscha vibhishana: |
कृपः परशुरामश्च सप्तैते चिरञ्जीविनः ||
Among the Kshatriyas of the Haihavakula, there was a king named Arjuna who served Guru Dattatreya and obtained from him a thousand arms and eight achievements that could not be destroyed by anyone.  Once, while out hunting in the dead forest, he went to the ashram of Jamadagni.  He ordered the soldiers to hurry the sage's Kamadhenu cow, so the roaring Kamadhenu forcibly took his calf to Mahishmati town.  That is why Parshuram came to the ashram and heard the evil of Sahasrarjuna and immediately ran after Sahasrarjuna with a terrible ax, spear, shield and bow.  Parshuram cut off Sahastrarjuna's arms with his hard edged floor and also blew off his head with severed arms.
Sahastrarjuna died so his ten thousand sons fled in fear.  Then Parshuram brought the distressed Kamadhenu to the ashram and handed him over to his father.  However, sage Jamadagni was saddened by the massacre and said that the killing of Parashuram who was crowned was more than a coronation.  They instructed Parshuram to perform Tirthasevan by concentrating on God.  After a year of pilgrimage, he returned to the ashram.  Sahastrarjuna's sons came to Jamadagni's ashram to seek revenge and beheaded him.
Seeing his mother imagining, Parshuram lifted the floor again, killed the Kshatriyas and beheaded ten thousand of his sons.  He made the earth Kshatriya-free twenty-one times on the occasion of his father's death.  Mother Renuka was in grief twenty-one times at the time of her husband's death, so Parashuram had decimated the earth twenty-one times.
Lord Parashuram performed Shivaji's penance and in blessing Shivaji gave Parshu (ax).  Since then his name was Parashuram.
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