Pan-masala galla will be closed at any time

Pan-masala galla will be closed at any time

Latest Pan-masala galla will be closed at any time

Pan-masala streets have been allowed in Gujarat, but Chief Minister’s Secretary Ashwini Kumar has warned that the exemption will be withdrawn at any time if crowds continue to gather at the place. He said the police and the administration are keeping an eye on the market in some of the concessions given on Tuesday after the lockdown 4.0. Corona’s transition is not possible in a day or two, it takes five to seven days, although police personnel are instructing to keep a distance from each other where it seems like a crowd.

The Gujarat government has clarified in its guideline that if the shopkeeper does not follow the social distance, his shop will be closed. Not only that, both the seller and the buyer must be wearing masks. It is also mandatory to install hand sanitizer in the front of the shop.

Pan-cigarette stalls were opened in the cities of Gujarat on the first day but most of the people were disappointed due to shortage of goods in the shops. These shopkeepers or street owners lacked tobacco. Only old cigarettes were available. Consumers cannot get their addiction without delivery of goods from the wholesale market.

In Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, where pan-cigarette stalls are located, traders are now selling saffron mangoes. Surprisingly, those who go for pan-masala do not get addicted but come back with saffron mangoes. There is no point in opening a pan-spice stall when tobacco and areca wholesalers have not yet delivered their goods.

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In the run up to the partial relaxation of the lockdown enforced to combat Covid-19, so as to allow some key economic activities, especially in non-Covid affected areas, the central and state governments, and various government departments started cracking down on the habit of chewing pan masala and gutka, in public places, but also in the workplace.

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