Sunday, 28 June 2020



With TRAI's New Regulation Consumers have the freedom to select TV Channels.

As per TRAI's new regulation for the Television and Broadcasting Sector having come into force, Consumers have the freedom to select Television (TV) Channels they wish to watch.

TRAI envisions a scalable model in which consumers can securely communicate with the platforms managed by their DTH/Cable Operators. The Channel Selector application will facilitate customers to choose channels/bouquets of their interest among the offerings provided by their respective DTH/Cable Operators.

Channel Selector application will suggest an optimum configuration of bouquets based on channels desired by the subscriber so as to reduce total monthly bill.

Hence, the Channel Selector Application shall be a common app to support customers for fetching current subscriptions from their DTH/Cable operator, provide options of selection of channels/bouquets, optimize their channel selection, and set customer subscription of their choice on their DTH/Cable operator’s platform.

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Some DTH/Cable operators who are yet to onboard are not available. As soon as these DTH/Cable operators are ready to integrate with the app shall be available.

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