Good News for B.ed./PTC Candidates Granted Ashram schools will recruit teachers in a short time.

Good News for B.ed./PTC Candidates Granted Ashram schools will recruit teachers in a short time.

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Standard: 1 to 8th vacancy information was sought. That Ashram schools run by a surgical institution! Regarding the recruitment of educational staff in Nave Shi Primary Schools, subject to the provision of the Government Resolution dated 6/12/2018, the recruitment of the educational staff of the Ashram School for Std. 1 to 8 has to be done through centralized recruitment system.

Details of the educational staff who are eligible for the day in the ashram school for the recruitment of Sadarhu.  Details of Ashram School (Granted Residential Primary School) are to be prepared in Xcel Shref, in Shruti font, prepared in Shruti font and sent in 3 days.  In addition, all the District Officers are informed that due care should be taken to send this information after adequate confirmation, especially in the case of Roster Poitar who has requested for a certified roster register of the Ashram School.

Official Notification: Click here

Necessary verification. So this is the In this way, the compulsory teachers of the school will have to show the subject with the necessary accuracy as to what subject they are qualified for. In addition, the details of the teachers working in the ashram school in Bal will also be sent in the details mentioned in Form-1.  Will be wise  He prepared the information with due care.  As per Form 1 to 2, non-payment has to be sent within 3 days.

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