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Rajy sarkarna tamam karmchario / pensioners ne cashless sarvar yojna lagu padva babat

Rajy sarkarna tamam karmchario / pensioners ne cashless sarvar yojna lagu padva babat

Hello friends all of you are warmly welcome to this blog why are you all friends what are you doing now how are you studying baby friends special to tell you that schools are closed now we all know and yes what else we are working with all baby friends at home right now  We all know that we are studying at home, but here is how to study at home.

 If you don't know what you all need to do to watch the video for the first time, here is a detailed information on how to watch the video and how to increase the knowledge with children through this video.

 We all know the importance of learning in life. Learning is the only way to move forward in life. The government and our parents tell us to study at home from time to time because studying makes us very happy by doing all kinds of hobbies and study activities.  We get knowledge and by growing up with knowledge we can also solve the problem of money

 We all know what is in this video in your life from this month of July to August as well as the standard and thematic information of all the months.  All these videos are the same as the ones your teacher comes to you every day. These videos are a little different when you first see them but gradually you will also realize that all these videos are the same kind of videos that our master is teaching in your class.  So watch this video every day and have fun and be proficient and smart in your studies.

 So it is very important for all children to watch this video. Children get knowledge along with watching this video and also get quiz as well as other knowledge.  The children are getting this very good information from this video as well as the knowledge that is in the books.

 What is Home Learning Video? Children can study very well at home through video. You will all be surprised to know that this video is made by our government teachers. These teachers are very talented. These teachers have a lot of knowledge.  This is because these teachers have come up with great fun competitive exams. All the power of knowledge is hidden inside these teachers. Children, you should watch this video very much every day. Watching this video will increase your knowledge.

 If you watch videos like this every day, you will find the knowledge you got in school in the video here. If you watch Baldosto Saroja videos, you will also get inspiration from your teachers and parents.



Appointee Commissioner Pankaj said that the state government has additionally executed credit only clinical office for government representatives and retired people. This plan is demonstrating exceptionally helpful for the two workers and retired people. Arrangement has been made for credit only clinical treatment office up to five lakh rupees. Aside from this, wellbeing administrations are likewise given to representatives to treatment of different sicknesses. 

He said that for these, it is required to submit duplicates of doctor's visit expenses inside two months of worker treatment. For the effective usage of the clinical credit only plan in each locale, the concerned clinical administrator has been designated as the nodal official. A clinical administrator can be reached to determine any kind of issue. It has been chosen to give the advantage of credit only clinical treatment office to coronary episode patients, mind discharge and harmed individuals with lightning shots. This plan will be appropriate in all the Government Medical Colleges, Aided Medical Colleges, District Hospitals, other wellbeing organizations in the state and private clinics kept on the board. It is obligatory for all workers and beneficiaries to get a legitimate personality card from the concerned offices, which can be introduced throughout treatment. 

The Deputy Commissioner said that it covers a wide range of mishaps. On the off chance that a worker is out of nowhere harmed in a street and other mishap, at that point he/she will show signs of improvement clinical offices with no cash on quick admission to the board emergency clinic. Representatives and beneficiaries going into a state of unconsciousness during the mishap have additionally been connected to this office. Aside from this, this plan has additionally been actualized for malignant growth patients. On the off chance that a representative gets malignant growth and is in third and fourth stage, at that point his treatment will be under credit only office. 

Representative Commissioner Pankaj said that this plan has been actualized in the locale in full. On the off chance that a representative experiences any kind of test, at that point they are not required to go through cold hard cash. Paces of bundles, medical procedures, systems, organ transfers, and so forth are shown on the site of the Department of Health. It is obligatory to give 100 percent treatment and treatment to private emergency clinics

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