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Solar light Trap Yojana Gujarat 2020 tharav and Apply

Solar light Trap Yojana Gujarat 2020 tharav and Apply

Solar light Trap Yojana Gujarat 2020 tharav and Apply
A solar powered light trap has come to the rescue of farmers who have been searching for an easy and safe method to get rid of the pests. Elappulli native Chandran has experimented with the new technique in his 6-acre paddy field as directed by the agriculture department. The solar light trap helps to kill the insects and replace chemical pesticides.
Chandran opined that solar light trap can be used for cost-effective pest control. The device consists of a bowl on a tripod, an LED bulb and a solar panel. It functions automatically with the help of solar power. The LED bulb will light from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm and its blue light will attract the insects. When the flies come near the device, they will be trapped in the poison trap under the bulb, which ensures their instant death.
The trap functions in the night hours when insect attack is in its peak.

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Agriculture is the core occupation of Thai people. Farmers meet the harms of innumerable types of insect mice that damage crops and consequence in damage of productivity all year.
Therefore, it is obligatory for farmers to use up pesticides to nip in the bud crop damage.
However, while pesticides are old in big quantity, they begin adverse impacts on people, animals and the environment. as an alternative of by means of pesticides,
the authority has to buoy up other behavior to inhibit insect pests, plus the operation of biological agents and a few insects etc.
A earlier revise has publicized that the ultraviolet ignite of happy emitting diode tube might be old to decoy “Coconut Hispine Beetle”(Plesispa reichei Chapuis),
a hurtful nuisance of coconut and a collection of palm species.
This learn intended to expand Solar Energy-Based Insect mice fence in by by means of ultraviolet entertaining emitting diode tube to enticement the insect rats and
12 volt string as weight distribute to happy emitting diode tube also.
The sequence charging system derives electrical energy from 20 watts of solar faction for treat at night also.
This future Solar Energy-Based Insect rats corner has an programmed keep in check system to temptation insect mice as soon
as in attendance is no sunlight and the system will be break off once the sun shines also.
The consequences of the system installation investigation showed that this planned Solar Energy-Based Insect mice entrap might ensnare quite
a few types of insect rats in vegetable and coconut plantations together with Brotispa, Elephus beetles, and Aphis, etc also.

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