Download app of gujarati garba prabhatiya bhajan lokgit

 Download app of gujarati garba prabhatiya bhajan lokgit

Download app of gujarati garba prabhatiya bhajan lokgit: The verse implies that- ‘Bhaj’ metal means service. (Bhaj-services) That is why Mercury people have called service as the means of devotion. The word ‘bhajan’ is made of bhaja metal which clearly means service. The scriptures which have preached this Mahamantra to man, ‘Praise God’, meant to motivate man in the service of God. The method by which the human being becomes engrossed in the service of God is the same hymn.

There are many ways of this psalm. Acharya of Adhyatma Marg has made and explained many programs of hymns keeping in mind the difference between country, time and character. In the history of the world, all those who have become immortal luminaries, great souls, saints, accomplishments, life liberators, sages and incarnations have sung and performed hymns.

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But not all of them have the same system of hymns. They have had to differentiate according to the country, time and situation, in spite of this distinction, basically no one has allowed the difference to come in the original ghost fact of the hymn.

The way to do bhajan (service to God) is to follow the will and command of God. This is how servants serve their masters. Thousands of employees work in a king’s regime. All of these responsibilities are divided.

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Every single employee does his assigned work. Those who do their work properly deserve the grace of the king, his salary and rank are increased, he gets rewards, titles etc. are given. The karma that he offers in his rule work becomes the king’s wrath, he gets fines, mootilli, tanajjuli in salary, dismissal or other types of punishments.

The proper place of service of these appointed employees is in the tasks which are the rules for them. Chefs, scavengers, fan burners, laundresses, watchmen, shepherds, barbers, etc. also live with the king. But none of these little servants thought that the king’s supreme grace was upon us.

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It is also true that the Minister of State, the Commander-in-Chief, the Minister of Finance, the Administrative Judge, etc., who keep the king’s intended purpose in order, get as much respect, salary, and self-respect as the high-ranking employees, the poor scavengers, cooks, etc. .

If all the employees of the state, etc., show distaste for their rules and regulations and run to become the king’s cooks, scavengers, kahars, laundresses, shepherds, etc., then the king will not have the slightest pleasure and convenience. Seeing the food cooked and served by tens of thousands of cooks in front of him, what pleasure can the king have?

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Although all these employees have a deep love for the king and motivated by love, they have run towards personal body service, but such irrational love is almost as harmful as hatred. Harge in the essential work of the state and increase of unnecessary work This working system cannot be dear to any wise king.

God is the master of kings. We are all his employees, rules and regulations are present for everyone. By fulfilling our responsibilities in the proper manner, we fulfill God’s will and command and thus by doing true service we naturally become His beloved characters. Kings also need personal service but God does not need cooks, scavengers, shepherds, watchmen etc. He is omnipresent, devoid of lust and disorders, in such a condition there is no use of food, cloth, fan, light etc. for him.

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Meditation, chanting, remembrance, kirtan, fasting, pujan-archan, vandan, all these are spiritual exercises. Doing these increases the strength and satoguna of the soul. It is also necessary and useful to do all these for self-improvement. But this is not just Ishwar Bhajan or Ishwar Bhakti. This is just a very small part of the hymn. True service to God is in fulfilling His will and commands, in making His flower garden more green and flourishing. The best way to please the Lord may be to engage in the sattvic advancement of oneself and others while performing one’s rules and duties.

There is a story in the books of Islamic religion that a deity appeared in front of a sage who preached Islam. He had a very large book in his hand. The sage asked- Brother Devdoot, how is this book? He replied – It has the names of God devotees all over the world written in it. The sage asked- is my name in it.

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The angel opened the whole book but his name was nowhere to be found. Thus the sage was very sad that I spent my whole life in obeying God but my name could not be included in the list of devotees. A few days later another angel came out with a small book. The sage asked- what is written in it? The angel told him that it contains the names of some men whose devotion is done by God Himself. The sage wondered if there were any people whose devotion to God had to be done.

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Download app of gujarati garba prabhatiya bhajan lokgit

Kabir’s mind became pure, like Ganga Neer. Hari turned around and said, Kabir Kabir. Kabir mala na japon, jihwa kaho na ram. Sumiran, make me green, I will rest my feet.

Those who do bhajan with the desire to please God should understand the real meaning of bhajan. Psalms have been used in the sense of service. The service of God is in the service of His moving idols. Her garden is trying to make the world more beautiful and peaceful. His duty is to follow the religion of responsibility like an honest and true man.

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