Navratri-Diwali will be celebrated with new rules

Navratri-Diwali will be celebrated with new rules

 Navratri-Diwali will be celebrated with new rules

Navratri-Diwali will be celebrated with new rules :The Union Ministry of Health has issued new guidelines for precautionary measures during the festive season in view of the Koro epidemic. Under the new guideline, only recorded songs can be played in Garba and religious ceremonies cannot be touched.

Under the new guidelines, no festive events of any kind can be organized within the containment zone. At the same time, special instructions have been given for worship,

Navratri-Diwali will be celebrated with new rules

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According to the guidelines, full planning has to be done for religious programs. Crowding and social distance have to be taken care of. In community kitchens, anchors have to follow the rules of social distance.

People who run community kitchens have to take full care of cleanliness. Care must be taken in everything from cleaning the venue to taking off one’s shoes. This will be the responsibility of the organizers.

Garba cannot be held in the containment zone
No Garba or Pooja-Path program or any cultural program can be organized in the containment zone. Organizers, staff or others will not be allowed to leave the containment zone. People will be able to celebrate the festival at home.

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No more than the prescribed number of people can participate in an event like a rally or a dissolution. The responsibility for this will rest entirely with the organizers.

CCTV cameras are mandatory to check compliance with the rules
Social distance can be observed during the Garba program i.e. CCTV cameras will be mandatory at the place where the program will be conducted. At the same time, it will be forbidden to touch idols in religious institutions and pandals. Collective religious singing-playing religious programs will be prohibited. Recorded religious music can be played at this place.

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Former AMA president Dr. According to Mona Desai, people have to understand for themselves what they are doing and what they should do.

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