There is going to be a special kind of 'Garba' here in Gujarat

In this Navratri, all Garba lovers are going to enjoy the Garba mehfil while staying at home. TOP FM has done a new experiment so that the taste of Navratri does not fade. The name of the program is 'Tech Clap 2020'.

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Khelaiyas are disappointed that Garba planning has been banned in Gujarat this year following the Corona. However, TOP FM has come up with 'Tech Taali 2020' to re-energize them and organize a new type of digital garba on 9 different themes for 9 days and win different prizes for the Garbarsikos every day!

What is Tech Clap 2020 ?

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'Tech Taali 2020' is a digital Garba program where players can zoom in on Garba Taal in their backyard, on the roof or wherever convenient and they can submit the video of this Garba to TOP FM.

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9 themes of 9 days are kept for Garba Rasiko. The players have to play hard on this theme and submit their video to TOP FM. The players have a chance to get surprise prizes every day. If they can't win prizes, they will all get participation certificates!

What will the participant get?

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Trophy, E-Certificate, Gift Hampers

Winners will receive a cash prize after the final competition of the last day by selecting the top 3 participants daily

9 themes of 9 days

Day 1: Three claps
Day 2: Garba of Rajasthan
Day 3: Ramlila Garba
Day 4: Hoodo Garba
Day 5: Bombay style garba
Day 6: Dandiya
Day 7: Rajwadi Garba
Day 8: Freestyle Garba
Day 9: Sanedo / Bollywood style3

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October 26, 2020 - Grand Final among the top 3 winners of the day

Participant category

Group (at least 10 people or more):

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How to attend the event?

ou can register for the day with a registered email id by purchasing an e-ticket in that category.
To perform digital garba you will need to share a 2 minute video of your garba on our e-mail id
Daily winners will be announced on TOP FM's WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram
Winners will be announced in 24 hours
It is mandatory to wear traditional dress, wear face mask and follow social distance..



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For more information contact on this SITE and stay connected to the social media of TOP FM for booking and visit the website