Diwali holidays are very special for children, it is more important for the children of Gujarat. Because in Gujarat, there are three weeks of holidays during Diwali. Like all holidays, these holidays also bear the burden of homework on the heads of the children, but this time schools are trying their best to make the holidays a child's development and a strong human being. For this, children are being given creative homework.

Many schools are writing letters to parents to let the children play barefoot in the dust in the village, so that the children can rise up in life and scramble to become rough Children are being told to go to public places like hospitals, gram panchayats, old age homes, police stations and see what kind of problems are happening there.

A school in Surat has written a letter to parents. It is written in the letter that when the schools are open, then the children are constantly busy in education. Vacation time is the only time children spend time with parents. Parents should spend time with children, it is their duty. Children study with concentration throughout the year, so let them open their heart and play during the holidays. Appreciate the child's good things and encourage them. Learn about children's hobbies, create new ideas in them, answer the questions they ask to increase their curiosity.When given homework, the students return only by writing, but schools believe that if given practical knowledge instead of writing, students will enjoy it. So schools are trying not to give any homework. Children should plant saplings in vacations, learn sanitation, save electricity and water and get family love.


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