Time Table For Std 3 To 5 & Std 6 To 8 For Microsoft Team.

Time Table For Std 3 To 5 & Std 6 To 8 For Microsoft Team.


Time Table For Std 3 To 5 & Std 6 To 8 For Microsoft Team.

Matter of teaching through virtual class through Microsoft teams.

Reference: - Director, GCERT, Primary Education, Schools and the entire education in letter no. SsA / Mis / 2020/20-21 6.3.2030

To inform all the secondary and higher secondary and primary schools, ashram schools of the district under the above subject that the education of the children in the schools has become irregular during the time of Kovid-12. And home learning by teachers. Apart from this, live web cast is also being done for Std. 9, 10 and Std. 11-12 through "Gujarat Virtual School" through YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft Teams and Geo TV. Teachers are also helping to spread the link to all the students.

Whether students have devices for home learning through education as a whole? About 90% of the students in the state surveyed

Using different devices. Microsoft Teams has created a user account for all children and teachers in government and grant aided schools in Std. 9th to 12th with the aim of enabling school teachers to virtually teach their children using Microsoft Teams for the 50% students who get effective home learning. This shows that at present only a few teachers are teaching children using Microsoft teams. From here

It is expected from you that the IT available in the school. Mandatory virtual classes are conducted by Microsoft Teams using adequate content and if necessary teachers use their mobile, tablet, laptop etc. device.

All schools have to maintain a weekly schedule for the following classes.

Std. 3 & 4 - Time 1 hour 2 Subject 2 Tas
Std. 5 - 1 hour 2 subject 2 Tas
Std-6,7,8 - 1.5 hours 2 subject 2 Tas
Std. 9 and 10 - 2 hours 2 subject 2 Tas
Std. 11 and 12 - 2 hours 2 subjects 2 Tas

Your school teachers will be able to get the help of District Education and Training Bhavan, Banaskantha for planning the lesson or preparing the presentation as per the above schedule. According to the above schedule, the school will have to take classes at the appropriate time for parents and children. DD Girnar and in this class

If the children have any questions in the subjects taught by Gujarat Virtual School, the teachers can also solve them. It can also organize other activities. , Quiz, Prayer, Extra Activity can also be done.

Classes taken by teachers by Microsoft teams will be supervised by Education Inspectors, Assistant Education Inspectors, Taluka Primary Education Officers, BRC COOs, CRC COOs and District Office. The work done in this regard

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The progress report has to be sent to the office here every week.

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