Very good news for SBI account holders, Bank made many big changes!

Very good news for SBI account holders, Bank made many big changes!

state Bank of india made many big changes! :State Bank of India has now decided to completely eliminate the charges levied from its account holders, now customers will not be charged for many services of the bank.

Complete SMS alerts and minimum balance charges.state Bank of india made many big changes!

State Bank of India recently told its customers through its official Twitter account that it will no longer charge SMS alerts and minimum balance charges from account holders. This means that no maintenance charges for SBI saving account and along with the bank has said that to get rid of unnecessary apps today all the account holders download YONOSBI so that they can get all the information of their account.

According to the official tweet by SBI, henceforth customers will not have to pay the fee for not keeping SMS alert and minimum balance. The bank has now completely abolished the charge levied for backing service messages on the mobile number registered with the customer’s account. Now the customer will not have to pay any money for this.

Charge was imposed for not having a minimum balance of savings account –

In the State Bank of India, the first account holders had to maintain a minimum balance of 3 thousand rupees always. Earlier, such customers who could not keep Rs 3 thousand in the account were charged with maintenance charges and if it becomes less than 50 per cent (Rs 1,500), then they had to pay Rs 10 and GST as a fee. If the balance in your account falls below 75%, then you had to pay 15 rupees and GST as a fee, but now you will not have to pay any extra charges.

How much did SBI SMS Alert Transaction Alert Charge used to look like before –

2. Interest rate cut by SBI

After the announcement of repo rate cut by the Reserve Bank of India in its recent credit policy meeting,

various other banks including SBI have announced a cut in their interest rates.

SBI will bring its interest rates down by 0.10 per cent on a home loan up to Rs 30 lakh from May 1.

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By giving details of transactions from every small and big account by the bank, it means that the account holders can know what is happening in their account, the bank informs this information to the customer through SMS. For this, the State Bank used to deduct quarterly Rs 12 plus GST charge from every customer, now after the new rules, this service will be given to the customers free of cost, they will not have to drink any kind of extra charges.

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