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What is AntiVirus? How to download antivirus

 What is AntiVirus? How to download antivirus

Today's post is very important for all those who use computer, if you are also using internet through computer, you must read this post once because we are here on internet and computer. What is AntiVirus? We will tell you about this in very simple language.

Because nowadays antivirus becomes very important because we have a lot of personal information in our computer that if it gets into the hands of someone it can be a big problem for us to prevent our information from being leaked. With the help of AntiVirus, through this post, we will try our best to give you complete information about this.

AntiVirus is very important for our computer because whenever we use a computer, there is a high probability that a virus will enter our computer. There are so many viruses on the internet that if they come into our computer, then our computer can do a lot of damage and even link to our personal information, to avoid all this, we use antivirus.

In this post we are going to tell you about some of the best AntiVirus Software and also how you can download it for free on your computer so that you can be completely safe online.

What is AntiVirus?

AntiVirus is a computer program used to stop and detect malware. AntiVirus software was originally developed to detect and remove computer viruses, hence the name. However, with the proliferation of other types of software, antiVirus software began to protect against other computer threats. Modern AntiVirus software in particular can protect users.

Some products include protection from other computer threats such as infected and malicious URLs, spam, scams and phishing attacks, detection online detection (privacy) banking, online banking attacks, and social engineering techniques.

Similarly, antivirus is used in many other places, but its main use is to protect the computer from viruses. Today antivirus is also available which is installed in our mobile phone so that our mobile phone also gets corrupted. Protect against viruses.

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