Sunday, 21 February 2021

Why is the poll marked dot not erased?


Why is the poll marked dot not erased?

Why is the poll marked dot not erased?

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 The main substance used in the black ink applied on the finger of the voter's left hand during election is silver nitrate (3%).  However, since silver nitrate is a very expensive substance, the National Physical Laboratory has developed a different formula.  According to him, even if 15% silver nitrate is used instead of 5, the black dot is not erased for days.  This is because the dot of ink not only stays on the surface of the skin, it reaches the lower layers of the skin.  Where even detergent or soap foam cannot reach.  No matter how many experiments, the dot does not come out at the end.  This point is gradually eliminated from time to time.  Because, as the days go by, as the dead skin peels off, so does the ink.  If it is on the nails, the stain will come out as the nails get longer and cut.

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