see some Fantastic Selfies and photo

see some Fantastic Selfies and photo

Today man does not forget to take selfies in any situation, see 11 Dangerous Selfies

Today men do not forget to take selfies under any circumstances. People today seem to be trending to post all the selfies. Many people even take selfies with corpses and share them on social media.

Today we will show you 11 selfies that you will be amazed to see.

These samples are also awesome pictures will make you smile and turn upside down

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Today we have brought for you the toppers of Jugaad University. Seeing this, it would seem that these people are not human beings but great human beings. They are locked in their minds. No matter how bad the mood is, laughing at these people's juggling will come.

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So let's look at 14 different levels of Jugaad pictures, which will make you laugh out loud.

If you have breath, just look at these 10 photos, then don't say no

In today's fast paced life people have forgotten to laugh. People are now giving more importance to work and money. So people don’t even have time to laugh. So we have brought pictures for these people that will make everyone tired. Suddenly new energy will come into you. So let's look at such funny pictures, which will make your stomach ache with a smile.

Today we will show you 11 selfies that you will be amazed to see.
Nobody knows that Amitabh Bachchan used to take selfies even in 1990.
Did you know that the first selfie stick was launched by Asha Parekh and Rajesh Khanna in 1970.

Some people believe that the selfie stick started many years ago.

TV's cultured Vahurani showed the magic of Husn, people's eyes widened after seeing 10 pictures!


What do girls do alone! You will also be surprised to know these 13 works

These samples are also awesome pictures will make you smile and turn upside down.


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Many people are masters at making selfie sticks.

Even monks think that taking selfies is a turning point in life.

Some of the girls took selfies by taking shots during the earthquake in Nepal.

At no time today does a man miss a chance to take a selfie

This selfie will probably be the worst selfie in the world.

Even at the cemetery, people do not forget to take selfies.

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