Earn Money with Riser App || Riser app se Paise kaise kamaye -see full details and Registrations


 Earn Money with Riser App || Riser app se Paise kaise kamaye -see full details and Registrations

Riser Ek India's first such platform which is made only and only to make our Indian Woman self-reliant. Where our Indian woman can earn income by monetizing whatever skill and talent she has.

Lives of millions of deserving and talented women across the country
to help make a difference, allowing them to be independent and
Helping to grow as a person.

Our Mission

Presently there are lakhs of housewives and house-worker women from all over India who have been gifted with a skill or talent which they are unable to demonstrate or utilize due to various constraints.

Riser aims to provide a common platform to all women irrespective of their background, where to make a living for themselves, by utilizing their skills.

Riser aims to make Indian women more independent, confident and support them step by step on their journey to become a solopreneur.

How will the creator earn from Riser App?
First:- First of all go to Riserapp.in and register As Creator.
Second: Download the app as soon as it is launched
After that and make a short video of the SKill or Telent you have and upload it on the Riser App.

What type of skill is on Riser App?
Can you make a video?
Make Money Online
stock market
Nail Art, Mehndi
Social Media
hair artist
Mental Health
arts and crafts
Jewelery Designing

How will the creator earn from Riser App?

1.Location Based Free Promotion

If you are doing any small business. Like beauty parlor, yoga class, dance class or any business, you have to do paid promotion to grow it. But you will upload only one video every day on Riser App, that video will be first visible to the people around you. So that the people around you will be the first to know about your business. So all the customers of your local area will come to you. And that too without investing a single penny in marketing

2: Sessions/ Master Class

Suppose you are a good beauty artist and you are uploading beauty videos on Riser App and you have to
Know that every girl of India wants to learn beauty parlor, so you can live here and teach them beauty parlor.
Which will increase your income a lot. You know that after covid, the most demand is big, then it is online education.

Example: Suppose the price of your Session/Master class is 500Rs and if you want to learn beauty parlor
At least 1000 girls come in the whole month, still your income will be 500000Rs. (is int it awesome )

3: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the largest growing industry in India. Today, thousands of people are earning lakhs of rupees from Affiliate Marketing and it is said that this industry is going to be 6250 Cr by 2025.

Now let me tell you how you can make income from Affiliate Marketing here.
Suppose you make videos on the beauty parlor on Riser App. But if you do not know how to learn beauty parlor further, then you can refer Session / Masterclass of any big beauty artist which will increase your income manifold. We are also giving you customers on Riser, which means without marketing anything from here.
You can make lakhs of income from affiliate marketing only:

4: Book 1:1 Call

You know that today every person has some small pearl problem or there are many questions whether it is mental or
It's about income. But in this time no one has enough time to show you the right path. So you can earn A by telling people about the thing you know more about on Riser App. Suppose you are an Astrologer.
If you make videos about Astrology, then many people will talk to you on 1:1 call for solution of their problem and will also get solution for it. and 1: 1 online consultation is growing rapidly every year

5: Product Sales

If you are making a video about beauty on Riser App, then if you sell any product related to beauty here, then you will get a lot of commission for that too.

6: Paid Groups

With the help of Paid Groups, you can earn a lot by monetizing the audience that you have. Suppose you are making a video about Share Market, then you can earn by sharing pro tips in making a Paid Group about Share Market.

For example: You created a Piad Group whose price you kept only Rs 500 and only 500 people
If you join, your monthly income becomes: 500 * 500 = 25,0000 Rs. isn't it amazing

Would you like to join our team? And if you want to make a lot of your own income by becoming an agent and joining a new creator with our app, then register as an agent by clicking on the link given in the bottom.

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