Anubandham Portal Gujarat:2024

Anubandham Portal Gujarat:2024


Anubandham Portal Gujarat: 2024

Anubandham Portal Gujarat: Government of Gujarat has introduced Anubandham Portal to provide employment opportunities to the citizens of Gujarat. The portal acts as a platform where both employers and job seekers can interact, employers post vacancies and job seekers apply for suitable positions.

The primary objective of the Anubandham portal is to address the issue of unemployment in the state by providing a centralized platform for job postings and applications. It aims to streamline the job search process, allowing individuals to apply for jobs from their homes, thus saving time and resources.

Advantages and Features:

Citizens can get employment through the portal.
Employers can upload job vacancies for interested candidates.
Job seekers can apply for the vacancies based on their eligibility.
The portal is linked to the guidelines of the Directorate of Employment and Training under the Department of Labor and Skill Development and Employment.
Online registration is mandatory for individuals interested in availing the services of the portal.

Eligibility and Required Documents:

Applicants should be permanent residents of Gujarat. Required documents include Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, Income Certificate, Passport Size Photo, Mobile Number, Residence Certificate and Caste Certificate etc.

Registration Process for Job Seekers:
Visit the official website of Anubandham Portal.
Click on “Register” option and select “Job Provider/Employer”.
Enter the email id and mobile number, verify the OTP and fill the application form.
Complete the registration process by providing the required details and sign up.

Registration Process for Job Seekers:
Visit the official website of Anubandham Portal.  Click here

Click on “Register” and select “Job Finder”.

Provide an email address or mobile number, complete the registration form, upload the required documents and sign up.

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