Tuesday, 30 June 2020

PM Modi Announces free food gain Scheme Extension

PM Modi Announces free food gain Scheme Extension

PM Modi announces free food grain scheme extension

Rs 1.5 lakh crore will be spent to continue poor welfare scheme till November: Modi
Modi's appeal: Now more caution is needed, wear a mask and follow social distance

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation today. He has made important announcements for poor families. He said that now the Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana will continue till Diwali and Chhath i.e. end of November. Under this, the government will provide 5 kg of wheat or 5 kg of rice to each member of poor families free of cost. Apart from this, each family will also be given 1 kg of chickpeas per month free of cost.

1. Increased negligence in unlock, need to show vigilance
Modi said that compared to the world, the situation in India is under control in the case of Corona. However negligence is on the rise in Unlock. People need to be as careful as lockdown. Those who do not follow the rules will have to interrupt, stop and explain.

The Prime Minister said that even though we are cautious about hand washing at a distance of 2 yards and 20 seconds, it is a matter of concern that negligence is on the rise today when more caution is needed. The rules were strictly followed during the lockdown. Now the governments, the citizens of the country need to show the same kind of caution again. Particular attention must be paid to the content zone.

The Prime Minister said that you may have recently seen in a newspaper that the Prime Minister of a country was fined Rs 13,000 for going without wearing a mask. In India too, the local administration should work with the same rigor. The protection of 130 Indians here is a campaign. The village sarpanch or the prime minister of the country is not above any rules.

4. Deposit 31 thousand crore rupees in 20 crore Jan-Dhan account in three months
The only effort in the lockdown was to ensure that stoves do not burn in the homes of the poor. Everyone tried to prevent poor brothers and sisters from going to bed hungry in such a large country. Whether it is a country or a person, the power to face a problem is multiplied many times by making decisions with time and sensitivity.

5. The free grain plan also applies for the next 5 months
I am making an important announcement associated with this. During and after the monsoon season there is more work mainly in the agricultural sector. Other sectors remain a bit sluggish. The festivities begin gradually in July. July 5 is Garupurnima, Shravan will start. August 15, Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Durga Puja will come. The need increases and the cost also increases during the festival.

We have dreamed for the whole of India. Many states have done a good job. We are also urging the remaining states to move forward. The job is to arrange a ration card for the whole country. I.e. One Nation, One Ration Card. The biggest beneficiaries will be the poor who leave their village for employment and move to another state.

7. Farmers-taxpayers can fill the stomachs of the poor
If the government is giving free rations to the poor today, the credit goes to two classes. First our farmers. Second our honest tax payers. Because of their hard work and dedication, the country can help. You have paid taxes honestly that is why the poor of the country today are able to face such a big crisis.

8. We will be vocal for all locals
We will continue to work to empower the poor, the oppressed, the exploited, the deprived. We will take economic action further with all caution. We will work day and night for a self-reliant India. We will be vocal for all locals. With this resolution, 130 crore Indians have to work and move forward.

9. Wear mask, face cover needed

I pray you, stay healthy. Follow a distance of two yards. Use face cover, mask and don't be careless.

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