What if you forget your phone password? There are two ways to open the phone

What if you forget your phone password?  There are two ways to open the phone. 

Some people keep a password for privacy in the phone.  So that no one but him can open this phone.  Any details in your phone are kept secret because of the password.  However some people forget the password.  However, this is rare because we use the phone frequently and often enter passwords.

 If you have forgotten your password, try this method

 However, if for some reason you forget the password, there are two ways to open it.  There are several steps that can be taken if your mobile is connected to Gmail.  Your phone will be opened and your data will also be saved.

Trick 1: Android Device Manager

 First go to Android Device Manager.
 Login with your email id just like you would login to Google Play on your phone.
 Then you will have three options.
 From which you have to click on the lock option
 Now a new pop up window will appear with four black boxes.  In the first two boxes you have to enter the new password twice and leave the other two and click on lock.
 Now you can unlock new phone with new password.

Trick 2: Factory Reset

 Another option is to do a factory reset.  By clicking that option you can operate even if you forgot the password.
 First you switch off Android Mobile
 Then go into phone recovery mode from where the phone is to be reset.
 Recovery mode is used to upgrade the phone.
 In this mode recovery, home and volume are done by pressing three mode buttons with a single key.
 Then comes the option to click on Wipe Data or Factory Reset
 Your phone will then continue to be in the same condition as the new one.