Kabzaa official teaser review in india

Kabzaa official teaser review in india

Kabzaa official teaser review in india

Kabzaa official teaser review in india

The trailer of the new Kannada film Kabzaa has arrived, the Kabzaa trailer is so torn that there was to be a discussion about the film but people are calling Kabzaa KGF 3. Although KGF is also a Kannada film and Kabzaa is also a Kannada movie, but what is the connection between Kabzaa and KGF, which people have called Kabzaa Is KGF 3. Let us understand the whole matter.

On September 17, the Kannada film Kabzaa teaser came, people enjoyed it when they saw the teaser. People started praising the capture and with this many people started seeing some connection between possession and KGF 3. People say that capture is KGF 3 and some said that capture is a remake of KGF.

Connection between Kabzaa and KGF
Neither KGF has anything to do with possession nor possession is KGF 3 nor is it a copy of KGF. There are some reasons why people are getting KGF feeling while watching the teaser of capture.

- The color pattern of both the editing done in Captur and KGF is same.
- Ravi Basroos gave music for KGF and he has also given music in Kabzaa.
- KGF's art director J Shivakumar is also the art director of Kabari, whose job is to prepare the sets.
- That's why people are getting the feeling of KGF after seeing the teaser of capture, but the story of possession is completely different from KGF.

Kabzaa Director: R.Chandru

Kabzaa Cast: Upendra Rao Sudeep Kiccha, Shriya Saran, Kajal Aggarwal, Manoj Bajpayee, Prakash Raj

Kabzaa Budget: 50-60 Crore

Kabzaa Film Story

The story of Kabzaa film starts from the year 1942, in which an attempt has been made to show the atmosphere of freedom struggle that started for the independence of India. On the one hand, the revolutionaries are dying for the freedom of the country, then there are some Indian mafia whose fight is limited only to their mafia, neither the country means nor independence, they just have to maintain their underworld somehow.

In the film Captur, Upendra plays the role of a gangster, a gangster whose father was a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and died in an accident. The film also stars Kicha Sudeep who plays another gangster named Bhargava Bakshi and Shriya Saran's character named Madhumati who is the daughter of a king. At the same time, there are good actors like Prakash Raj and Manoj Bajpayee in this film, who work to bring life to the film.

Watch Kabzaa Teaser: Click Here

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